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Welcome to Sage & Vine Aesthetics

New name, same passion.

We believe in growing and thriving together. We have been so honored to be able to do both with you for the past three years under Lash Out Beauty Bar. As we launch our new brand name and vision, know we are more committed than ever to helping you feel beautiful one curated experience at a time. Now, we will simply be doing it…better.

Our New Name:

Sage & Vine Aesthetics


This enchanted herb cleanses, removes negative energy, promotes healing, and welcomes peace. 

We create space for you to focus on what really matters: you.


The vine nourishes and feeds the fruit. 

We provide service and products that nourish you and give you the self-care you need to feel your absolute best

Sage & Vine Aesthetics client speaking to esthetician

The Sage & Vine MedSpa experience is more than skin deep. Our thoughtful team, our infused water, our airy decor, our comfortable spaces, and all other elements of your experience are meant to feel safe, restorative, and nourishing. We aim to create a true escape in the midst of your busy days. Here, you have complete permission to focus only on you

Why Rebrand?

After three years, two locations, 20,000+ staff training hours, 1,500+ lash sets, and 700+ repeat clients, we’ve learned so much about how we can best nourish our community. We have long been known for our superior services for eyelash extensions in Richmond. The more we talked with you, we saw a real opportunity to take our passion for helping others feel their best and expand into Med Spa treatments and services. There was no other place where you could invest in your lashes while you build the integrity of your skin and overall wellbeing at the same time

To achieve this goal, we have grown our team, expanded our service offerings, invested in new equipment and skincare lines, and redefined what a Medspa experience can be. Sage & Vine is the final evolution of this hard, yet thoughtful work. What you’re about to experience is  a new approach to beauty that balances quality, customer service, and affordability.

We are beyond excited to introduce you to Sage & Vine.

What’s New?

Beyond a new logo and decor, here’s what you can expect from our elevated Sage & Vine experience.

Sorella skincare line on shelf

Skincare Lines

We now carry premier skincare brands including Sorella Apothecary, SkinBetter Science, Vitality Institute, and Face Reality (and a few Dermalogica favorites).

medspa services at Sage & Vine Aesthetics


We now offer in-house injectables (Botox and Filler), Weightloss Management Programs, Wellness Shots, Morpheus8 RF Microneedling, Laser Hair Removal, and IPL PhotoFacials.

New Memberships

We are excited to introduce a points-based memberships that allow you to budget and save for high-dollar treatments including filler, botox, Morpheus8, or Laser Hair Removal treatments. Read more about Sage & Vine memberships here.

woman flipping through booklet

Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn points for each visit that you can use towards future services and products. Earn cash to spend at Sage & Vine every time you book a service. One point equals $1!

New Social Media

We cherish our connection with you online where we share treatment suggestions, self-care advice, client spotlights, product tutorials, exciting announcements, giveaways, and so much more. As of June 8, 2023, we will have new handles on social media. If you are already following us, you shouldn’t need to refollow. But if you aren’t, this is your official invitation to do so!

Please follow and tag us on Instagram at @sagevineaesthetics
Please follow and tag us on Facebook at @SageVineAesthetics
P.S. Stay tuned for our monthly tag giveaway competitions!

Sage & Vine Memberships

We know consistency creates change and long-term results. After working with hundreds of you on your self-care goals, we have created new membership options and will introduce a point system that rewards you for taking care of you. If you already have a membership, please reach out to use during your next visit to go through your options.

Commit to feeling your best and enjoy the convenience of memberships that cover all your routine treatments, and rewards you with extra points to splurge on. All memberships run on a 4 week basis. 1 point = $1 of products or services.


Bloom MembershipBlossom MembershipGarden Membership
$155 for 170 points$195 for 215 points$295 for 325 points

Annual Memberships

Evergreen Bloom MembershipEvergreen Blossom MembershipEvergreen Garden Membership
$155 for 180 points$195 for 225 points$295 for 340 points

Learn more and sign up here.

What’s the same?

We are still offering the same luxurious results-driven experience provided by our highly skilled and licensed estheticians. You can come to Sage & Vine for the following services:

headshot of Rana Hamadani, owner of Sage & Vine Aesthetics Eyelash Institute of Richmond, VA

What makes Sage & Vine different?

This question drove our decision to rebrand…

We believe that when we thrive, you thrive. Through creating long-term relationships and curating a truly welcoming, warm space, we make this a reality every single day. Sage & Vine is a home, a safe space, and a community that thrives off nourishing you from the outside in.

While we offer medical-grade services, we deliver them in an environment that also nourishes our spirit. You’ll find whimsical touches infused into everything from the walls to the water you drink. Sage & Vine is not only a place to invest in your beauty, but also your mind.

We nourish our team members as much as we nourish you. We invest in continuing education and ongoing mentorship. As a result, they are always applying the best practices, latest techniques, and most effective treatments and services. You deserve the best and we genuinely believe our staff is the best in the land. 

Have questions?

As we undergo this transition to a new med spa Richmond VA, know you are our top priority. We are here to help you make the most of this new and improved experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and concerns.

Call us:
(804) 517-5168 | | Ext 1: Mechanicsville | Ext 2: Midlothian 

Email us: [email protected]


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