LED Light Therapy

Anti aging, acne treatment and pain relief with LED Light therapy 

LED light therapy is a safe, painless and clinically proven skin treatment to get you closer to the best skin of your life! We use a Celluma light therapy device in our treatment rooms and carry LightStim at home devices for maintenance use. 

LED light therapy is scientifically proven to reduce the visible signs of aging, treat acne, reduce hair loss and even provide pain relief.

LED light therapy is also known to aid wound healing and reduce inflammation, which makes it amazing as a combination therapy with chemical peels and needling procedures. 

So how does LED work? 

LED (also known as light emitting diode) uses wavelengths of light at specific levels that have actual beneficial results on the skin and hair.

LED light therapy is not only used by estheticians, but also by dermatologists, surgeons and other medical professionals. 

Add LED light therapy to any medical grade facials at Sage & Vine Aesthetics for a rejuvenated and youthful appearance!

Sage & Vine Aesthetics is new med spa Richmond VA offering an array of services with the highest qualified nurse injectors, cosmetologists and certified lash techs.

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