woman receiving chemical peel

It’s Peel Season, and So Much More

woman applying VI Peel for melasma
Cara Frey applying a VI Peel on a client to combat Melasma.

Here at Sage & Vine, we are passionate about helping you feel your best, and for many of us that means addressing skin concerns. A leading concern this time of year is hyperpigmentation and damage from the sun. Not only is hyperpigmentation a stubborn esthetic concern for us and our clients, but it is also a sign of damage and past trauma to the skin that can be an indicator of real future health concerns if not taken seriously.

Our skin is our largest organ after all. The good news is that pigmentation is very treatable for ALL skin types and tones. Fall, aka “peel season” is the ideal time to treat these issues as people spend less time in the sun than in summer. Not to mention wedding season and holiday events have us thinking more about how we look and feel than ever.

nurse conducting IPL Photofacial consultation
Christine, NP, consulting with a client before a LUMECCA IPL Photofacial to combat hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Luckily, Lumecca IPL, VI Peels and monthly facials with microdermabrasion and LED therapy can all make radical improvements to your skin. These modalities also inhibit pigmentation and stimulate collagen and elastin to promote healthy, new skin turnover. These services are best done in a series alongside a great home care routine, and most importantly, daily SPF.

Some of our favorite products for hyperpigmentation are Skinbetter’s Even Tone, Alto Advanced and Sorella’s Lemon lightening peel. Ask your skin care provider at Sage & Vine what’s best for you! 

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