powder brows before and after

Taking care of your fresh Powder Brows

Congratulations on your fresh brows! As you know, permanent makeup is very similar to a tattoo, so taking care of your new powder brows is important to avoid infection and get the best results. Here’s what you need to know.

powder brows before and after

You may see some flaking, this is normal. Do not pick at or attempt to peel away: color will not hold if you do so. Some swelling, redness or itching is normal and to be expected.

Keep clean and avoid sun, pools, heavy exercise, direct water pressure. Do not pick or rub the area. Brows will oxidize and get darker, and change color before they soften in healing: this is normal!

Do not wear any makeup for 5 days on the treatment area. After healed, always use a zinc sunscreen of 20 SPF or higher (50+ spf is recommended) anything that changes your skin pigmentation will also change your micropigmentation. Anti-aging & Acne medication less than one inch above your brows will cause premature fading or cause your brows to fade to strange colors.

Do not water log your brows take long showers, scrub, or soak for 2 weeks after procedure. Brows. will need a small amount maintenance every 1-3 year to keep the color vibrant.

What else do you recommend for permanent makeup maintenance?

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